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School Services

Concordia staff members are skilled in their area of service and find joy in providing the tools and guidance that students and families need to be successful. 


Food Service

Concordia's food service provider, Aramark, is a world leading food service company. They provide a variety of services to the business, healthcare and education food service sectors with the highest level of professionalism and quality. Aramark serves the diverse eating needs of millions of people every day - perfect for Concordia's multinational students, staff and faculty!

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Health and Safety

The health, safety and security of your child is first and foremost at Concordia. We have a Health Office in the Intermediate Building on the first floor (Room M162) and a Nurse’s Station in the Lower Building (E101k). The nursing staff’s main responsibilities are to provide first aid care, administer medication and to prevent communicable diseases.

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School Uniforms

At Concordia, we believe that a student’s appearance has an impact on attitude and behavior. Respect for the school community, the education process, and the students themselves is, to a degree, shown by the students’ attire. Our uniform policy helps maintain a sense of modesty and equality while educating students about what is appropriate dress for the time and place. 

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Bus Transportation

Whether you live nearby in Jinqiao or across the river in Puxi, Concordia works with you and provides your family with school transportation options that complement your daily routine, including morning, afternoon, and late activity bus routes. If your family has paid the fee to have your child ride the school bus each day, he or she may also ride the buses provided for those students involved in Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) for no additional cost.

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Facial Recognition and ID

Any visitor to the Concordia campus between the hours of 8:15 AM and 3:00 PM must sign in and out at a campus gate. We have facial recognition cameras that activate turnstiles at each gate. We also provide active ID cards to students, employees, and upon request, to parents. Restricting access to the campus enhances the safety of our students, families, staff, and visitors and provides additional information about who is on campus at any given time. ID cards are also used as rechargeable lunch cards and library cards.



Business Hub

Concordia’s Business Hub is located on the third floor of the Upper Building above the Welcome Center. Most commonly, parents come to pay for student travel, tuition fees and laptops or to seek reimbursement for PSO or auction expenses. Student club officers also work closely with the business office staff. Business office staff members are available to help daily from 8:15 AM to 4 PM except during national holidays.

Tuition and Payment Information


Tech Hub

The Concordia Tech Hub is staffed with specialists who can help students and faculty with issues regarding network/wireless connection, email, printing, software applications, warranty service on laptops and general problem solving. The Tech Hub can also help parents with questions regarding their students tech issues.

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